Terms and Conditions

1. All courses are provided by, and copyright is vested in, British College of Systemic Psychotherapy [M.E.T] ‘Nautilus Oak Lane Minster Isle of Sheppey Kent ME12 3QW United Kingdom, Sole Trader registered with NOMINET. Email info@bcspctraining.co.uk Phone 01795870773

2. Delivery: On purchase of a course, students will immediately be provided with their own home page from which they may download course materials and upload written work (where relevant.) The course start date shall be taken to be the date upon which the student makes their first payment for the course.

3. Students may request posting of printed materials as an alternative at the time of purchase. Printed materials shall be posted within 5 working days of the course start date. An additional fee is payable at the time of purchase for printed materials.

4. Tutors will normally respond to students' queries and will give feedback on work submitted within 3 working days of submission of the query or work. Students may avail themselves of customer services during normal working hours, 9-5 GMT Monday to Friday excluding British Bank Holidays.

5. Refunds - Course fees are refundable in full, without quibble, on request for all courses within seven days of purchase. Courses for which printed materials have been provided will be refunded on the return of the materials in good condition within seven days from the day upon which the materials are received, to our trading address. Proof of delivery to the address should be obtained by the student. Courses are [non] refundable after seven days from the date of purchase (printed materials: seven days from the day of receipt of the materials). Materials will be deemed to have been received 4 days after posting.

6. Replacements & Cancellation - We reserve the right to modify advertised courses at our discretion and to replace tutors at our discretion. Should we cancel any course, a full refund of the course fees will be provided and/or alternative arrangements will be made with another suitable provider.

7. Reasonable Use Policy - Students have access to tutors for support and assessment purposes. At our discretion, we may impose a reasonable use restriction on any student deemed to be over utilising the support offered.

8. Expiry - While every effort will be made to provide tutor support and assessment facilities for as long as the student requires, support and assessment rights expire after 1 year from the course start date, after which time they cannot be guaranteed. An additional fee may be charged for tutor support and assessment after this time.

9. You accept that no BCSPC Training Online course is a substitute for receiving appropriate counselling, psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical intervention or treatment by qualified professionals and that no BCSPC Online course is intended to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological condition, but are offered for educational purposes only. You agree that BCSPC Training Online Courses accepts no liability for any medical or psychological effects of doing a BCSPC Training Online course whatsoever and you exempt and indemnify BCSPC Training [M.E.T] Online Courses from any such liabilities to yourself or any third parties.

10. Part Payment - Courses bought via our three payments scheme Details from college (as opposed to paid for in full) are non-refundable. Payments will be debited from students’ accounts in equal three monthly instalments until the course is paid for. No additional notice will be given for the deduction of instalment payments. Courses bought via part payment must be paid for in full irrespective of whether or not the student completes the course.

11. All messages sent through the Student Area can be Accessed/Viewed by the BCSPC Training Courses admin.

12. To undertake the full Diploma course you will have to complete one of the foundation courses in order to progress to the practitioners training, and be registered with the BCSPC Training. This will entitle you to be able to register with the ‘National Council of Psychotherapists as a certified practitioner at the end of your training with the BCSPC

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