Stress Management


Individuals in today's society are becoming more stressful, as the demands for increased productivity at work. Job insecurity and social pressures to provide more and more for the family, grows yearly.

The latest studies show that over 16 million working days are lost through sickness mostly relating to stress. The symptoms of stress are sometimes not recognized for what they are. An increase in the amount of smoking and drinking, the increase in the number of cold and flu over the years plus the lowering of the immune system. Higher rates of heart attack, cancer and many disabling diseases are known to be prevalent in the group psychologist call The 'A' type personality. This group is over ambitious and often highly strung, tend to overwork and worry about small details.

We all seem to know what stress is. Some have defined it as "the demands of life" - but these demands of life are actually stressors. Stress is the effect that these demands have on our mind/body. Acute stress affects the autonomic nervous system. Heart rate increases, pupils dilate, blood rushes toward large muscles and away from the fingers and toes. Muscles can tighten and adrenaline and cortisol are released into the blood stream.

These reactions are all part of the "fight-or-flight" response. Our bodies are becoming prepared to fight or to run. You can even see this response in animals. Watch two dogs who are unfriendly facing-off. You'll see them extremely excited; and you'll see them teeter back and forth between the instinct to fight and the instinct to run.

This response was handy for cave men and the early settlers of North America. It also comes in handy in combat. We need our bodies to prepare us to fight or run. The fight-or-flight response is not helpful in a job interview; yet our bodies still respond that way to stress. There's nobody to fight and nowhere to run. We're just left with fast breathing, a racing heart, perspiration, and a feeling of anxiety. It's the same way in a final exam. People often feel up and motivated going into an exam, only to get stressed-out into the exam. Test-anxiety often involves the fight-or-flight response kicking in. Memory retrieval is impaired, and performance suffers.

Just imagine the amount of work that you could get as a stress Consultant working within Industry or in private practice. The average charge for stress consultations are from thirty to eighty pounds per session. You would only have to book one client per day on a ten week course to be able to work full time after a few weeks.

The stress management course is complete and extensive to enable you to manage your own practice within six month's. You will also have the support and backup of your own supervisor on call if ever the need arises.

Once you have completed this professional course you will know how to:

1.   Explain what stress is, the psychological and physical signs of stress.
2.   How to teach your clients the techniques to overcome stress.
3.   How to use emergency strategies to overcome stress in seconds.
4.   How to use relaxation as an aid to recovery.
5.   How to use Hypnosis as a means of controlling the unconscious mind.
6.   How to run your own clinic and get all the clients that you need.
7.   Secrets that have not been disclosed before.
8.   How to listen to your clients as never before and to gain rapport.

You will also have the handouts that go to make up the complete course, plus the overheads and course material. We will also support you all the way through the course either by telephone, letter or email until you have passed your professional Diploma course.

After you have passed your course and test paper, you will be able to write after your name the letters, Dip Stress//Consultant. You will also be eligible to join the British Association of Systemic Psychotherapist and Stress Managers as a full member, giving you title to use the letters MBASPS.

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