The British College of Systemic Psychotherapy and Counselling is proud to offer the most advanced training course in the field of psychological therapies and treatment to the general public. This course sets a standard of excellence, that is easy to learn with our world famous methods.

Systemic Psychotherapy, is an integrated course that blends the best therapies from the past with the most up to date methods in the world today.

This up to date course covers everything that you will need to know, in order to be a successful therapist of the highest standing

The course teaches you:
    1. Phenomenological Psychology
    2. The theory and practice of 'Freud'
    3. The works of Humanistic Psychology
    4. Gestalt Psychology [Psychodrama]
    5. Ericsonian Hypnotherapy
    6. Application to practitioner level.
    7. How to run your own clinic
    8. How to diagnose
    9. How to write up notes and reports.
    10. How to get work all the work you need
    11. How to empathize with your clients.

The College operates on Ethical lines, which is updated on a regular basis. In addition, it is expected 'after your final exam' that you will sign a declaration of intent that is binding upon every therapist.

Always remember that we are with you all the way through. You cannot fail, we are only a telephone call away;

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