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How Can PSTEC Be Used To Stop
Yourself Smoking?
Have you discovered the amazing power of the free PSTEC tools?

If you have, then imagine the same power being applied to switch off your smoking habit as well.

We all know that stopping smoking requires a degree of will power but like everything else, success is easiest when you go about things in the correct way and using the most powerful tools. On this system Tim will show you step by step exactly how to stop smoking no matter how many you smoke right now. And you’ll get the tools you need to stop smoking.

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PSTEC Weight Loss “Power Upgrade” Audio Package

This is an optional extra package with lots of special tracks designed to make your weight loss successful.

Do you eat things, at the same time telling yourself you shouldn’t?
Are you often eating without thinking?
Are you eating when you’re not hungry?
Are you over eating?
Are you buying foods that you know you shouldn’t?
Are you eating until you are stuffed full, instead of stopping before that?
Do you eat when stressed or emotional?
If you have answered “yes” to any of these then perhaps the battle is not so much with food but more the battle with your subconscious and what it’s been doing.
PSTEC is designed to be the most powerful way for you to change those things.

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PSTEC Panic Attack Sessions

Panic attacks are completely unlike other problems. And they can be hard to treat, even with the most effective tools, especially if you don’t know how.

“… because you know perfectly what a panic attack feels like and how uphill the battle is. I suffered those for three years … One day I … ran into a site called Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTEC). It is FREE and it is wonderful. I worked with these audio tapes… for about two weeks or so and the first day of 2010 I knew I was panic attack free. …It is amazing how we can hold on to even bad -terrible!- feelings and not let go. Well, this gets in there where sometimes willingness by itself cannot reach. Getting the “I will snap any minute and die” feeling out of the way makes me feel like brand new, hehehehe! I can tell that I’m panic attack free since the beginning of the year and I waited until now to write about it because I just wanted to make sure I would not deceive anyone with this. … I’m NOT feeling panic — or anxiety or fear of fainting or anything else –…I’m telling you … some people! … just wanna help others!!!”
Feb 14, 2010
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What Are The PSTEC Panic Attack Sessions?
Panic attacks very often seem to strike at random, and it is partly because of their unpredictability that people often wonder where on earth to begin.

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