Low cost, fast training for individuals that have an interest
in Psychological principles:

Fast low cost
‘Genuine Training Programme’ that will change your life and
increase your status

This proven training method is directed by Dr Raymond Lewis with over 22 years of training and practical experience in the field of therapy and life couching

The BCSPC ‘Guarantees’ as part of your training to support you ‘if required’ with supervision from a trained therapist either by phone, email or post or on webcam right from the start.

Start training today on an N.C.P. ‘Accredited Certified Course’ that can progress your skills in Hypnotherapy, N.L.P Psychotherapy or Counselling.

The course is run at ‘Certificate level’ and all the materials and Certification with your name on it
will be sent out by return Post

This is a genuine offer by the ‘British College of Systemic psychotherapy and Counselling’ an ‘accredited’ trainer’ registered by The National Council of Psychotherapists’ ‘NCP’ and the
‘General Hypnotherapy Standards Council’

CHANGE YOUR LIFE & CAREER FOR ONLY ‘£225’ inclusive of materials and CERTIFICATION
and NCP Registration

with your name on the front. BOOK NOW & START A NEW LIFE, haven’t you waited long enough to get what you want in life, do it today and be all you can be with a career to be proud of, helping other/yourself and family. By taking this course you can start to earn what you are worth.

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