Incorporating Neuro Linguistic Programming & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis
Certificated Weekend Course
By Seminal Route
‘Accredited National Council of Psychotherapy’

Learn The Secrets of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnosis on this two day Saturday and Sunday ‘Intensive Practical Hands on course’

After training you will have a clear understanding of How NLP/Hypnosis works and how to Change your Inner Feeling and Manage Behaviours. Plus you will learn how to Change the Past and Future in yourself and how to use it with others. How to use ‘SELF HYPNOSIS’ to change ‘Habits/Slim’ ‘Stop Smoking, ‘Stop Nail biting’ and ‘Much More!!!!.

Use your Hypnosis training to get a life you can only dream of at the moment. Learn the secrets to unlock the power of your mind to match your values and belief’s. Make changes at the core of your being not just at the logical level, but at the root of who you are.

Start your two days training in Kent from 2nd & 9th June 2013 at the Priory, Aylesford. and make changes that will last forever.

Book Now!!!! & take control of your life!!!!!

Low Cost, fast in-depth training only £225
inclusive of lunch and teas

Also available 1 day course on NLP as above, 2nd June and a
1 day course on Hypnosis as above, 9th June

cost for either 1 day courses is £125

inclusive of lunch and teas

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