Incorporating Neuro Linguistic Programming & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Practitioner Certification in Clinical
Neuro Linguistic Programming

Learn the Secrets of Neuro Linguistic Programming at Practitioners Level.
This fast, low cost Practical training programme will give you all the skills to be able to influence people and to treat a wide range of maladies that stop
people from being the best they can be.
Learn how to change behaviours/thoughts and reactions to life’s challenges in an instant.

You will learn:

• Swish patterning to change old patterns in seconds
• The fast Phobia Cure Complete with Regression
• Anchoring/chaining Anchors/Collapsing Anchors
• Changing Personal History
• New Behaviour Generator for a different future
• Six Step Reframing
• Two other swish patterns not generally known to others
• Plus lot, lots more as divulged by a Master Prac.

BOOK TODAY!!!! & get started

on a wonderful Career helping others, yourself & family to
have the life that you all deserve all for a
low cost of £225 inclusive of Materials, NCP Registration,
Certification with your name on

plus Accreditation if required


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plus PayPal or Banker draft BCSPC. M.E.T or Mr.R Lewis

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