Incorporating Neuro Linguistic Programming & Clinical Hypnotherapy

‘Accredited’ NCP COURSE
10 Steps to Deep Trance Phenomena

In this short course ‘Home STUDY Course you will learn how to take a person or a group from the waking state to Deep Trance Phenomena.

It is at this level that behaviours, beliefs, ideas, and illness can be alleviated, using the unconscious part of the mind for rapid change.

We will show you Step by Step how you can have the power, ability & skills to make real change in your client’s family and yourself in a matter of hours, instead of month’s year.

Take this chance to get this rapid change Process for a one off fee of only £225 inclusive of all materials and Certification
and NCP registration

This course is fast, low cost and powerful

!!!ACT NOW!!! To have the power to change life’s DO IT TODAY.

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