Mind Effective Therapy
Psychological Services

Problems in your life? Make lasting changes with our fast therapies.
We use
Hypnotherapy/NLP and Psychotherapy for rapid change:
Re-program your brain quickly, very often
in one session.

Panic attacks that seem to come from nowhere.

Anxiety, fears, temper or rage.
Phobia's that effect your whole way of life.
Spiders, needles, storms, flying, rats, dentist etc
Re-program your past with time lining, post traumatic stress disorder,
flashback to past events.
E.G. trauma, abuse, car crash, death of loved ones etc.
Exam nerves that stop you achieving your goals. E.G. driving tests. college exams, presentations, public speaking etc.

Smoking/Slimming and body image etc and much more.

Call today to discuss your case

01795 870773

One session in most cases £60

Psychological consultation £20

Psychological past life's £40

Deep trauma - 4 sessions at £40 per session

Private and confidential consultations by mail
Send full details of your situation for prompt reply


Energy healing £20

24hr answer phone: leave your number for return call.

Tel: 01795 870773

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