Managing Stress

Managing Stress, We all need stress in order to survive. Teams need stress in order to perform well, and in the right doses, stress can be very healthy, or even enjoyable. However, when stress becomes excessive it can be very damaging. It can harm: health happiness work performance team spirit and co-operation relationships personal development Stress management involves, at the simplest level: recognising the symptoms of stress identifying the causes taking action to address the causes and thereby reduce the symptoms where necessary, taking interim steps to relieve the symptoms until the underlying causes have been addressed. With the pressure of modern life, it is easy to fall into the trap of neglecting steps 2 and 3. That is, only relieving the symptoms. It is important to recognise and address the underlying causes of stress, or else the experience of stress will never go away. For example, suppose 'overwork' is causing stress, which is resulting in headaches. If you only address the symptoms (eg: by taking pain killers to reduce the headaches), the stress remains, and the headaches will return. However, if you can restructure your work demands so that you are not overworked, the headaches will then disappear without the need for pain killers.

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Send Yourself Subliminal Messages:

Self-help Subliminal's is a special computer program that enables you to display your own subliminal messages and use them to change your life. Use it while at work or while playing games. You use the subliminal program to display your own positive affirmations subliminally in word or picture form. You are in total control of the messages which are displayed and how the messages are displayed. Subliminal messages are messages which are displayed for such a short period of time that your mind does not consciously register what it sees. Instead your mind registers it sub-consciously. This means that your conscious mind cannot form arguments against the ideas and so you are more susceptible to the subliminal idea.

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