Incorporating Neuro Linguistic Programming & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Complete ‘Insight’ Psychotherapy
Practitioners ‘DIPLOMA’
By Seminal Route
‘Accredited National Council of Psychotherapy’

Learn Complete ‘Insight’ Psychotherapy through 10 x 2 days hands on practical training In Kent.

The courses are Held on Saturday and Sundays once a month for ten month’s you will also have 2 months support to consolidate your Learning making a total of 12 months’.

After your training you will be able to practice as a ‘Qualified Practitioner’ and be ‘Accredited’ by the BASPC and be able to register with the ‘National Council of Psychotherapists’ Certified in the first instance and them full membership the following year.

This Course is extensive and ‘Complete’ you will have all the skills to be able to treat a wide range of ‘Psychological Disorders’ you will have at your finger tips, these other Qualifications:

‘Accredited NLP Practitioners Certificate’ ‘Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners Certificate’ plus your ‘Insight Psychotherapy Practitioners ‘Diploma’ See Syllabus/Students handbook for full details of the course and the learning outcomes!!!

All for a low price of £2.280. Inclusive of full support & Certificates
and NCP Registration

Credit cards taken by phone, PayPal, Fax or banker draft.

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