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 Advanced Cosmic Ordering - Get Anything You Want By Ordering It



British College of Systemic Psychotherapy and Counselling

Insight Systemic Psychotherapy
Advanced Neuro Linguistic programming
Advanced Hypnotherapy

The BCSPC Advanced Training College is offering you this chance to UNDERTAKE the most inclusive Psychotherapy Training in the world today.

After taking this course you will be able to treat a wide range of psychological disorders with results that seem like magic.

You will uncover the secrets of the mind and how to change mental disorders, Right at the root of the problem.

Discover and take out the ROOT causes and reasons that destroy peoples Happiness and enjoyment of life.

This complete Course will show you how to quickly get control of the client’s symptoms and change them completely within a few sessions. Earn what you are worth as a Master Practitioner

Never again be stuck for what to do next. Be in complete control
of all situations that your clients bring to you.
It seems to work like magic when you combine
Psychotherapy/Hypnosis and NLP..

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We will also give you FREE advanced Hypnotherapy from beginners to Master levels
Advanced NLP from beginners to Master levels.

£800 full 10 month home study course


by email, phone or fax and on Line

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Plus you will be able to share and ask for information about topics and problems that are
important to you and your life

you have waited long enough for the answers you want.

News letter supported and written by Raymond Lewis FBCSPC and his team: Patron General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. Member the National Council of psychotherapists

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